Monday, March 12, 2018

Forest Brother's Audio Insurgency: First Assault - FBAI 010217

1. ManOwar - Hail To England
2. Askival - Last March Of The White Wolves
3. Wolves of Avalon - Famished Wolves Befogged with Blood
4. No Fear - Victory Day
5. Sleipnir - Hail the Heathen Hordes of Midgard (Sworn to the Hammer of Thor)
6. Paul Burnley - Waiting For The Storm
7. Forseti - Korn
8. Drudkh - Ukrainian Insurgent Army

Monday, January 15, 2018

Paper Beats Rock - Jud Suss - 1/16/18

The Independent National Socialist Podcast, Paper Beats Rock returns with Episode # 11.

Landser starts off the year reflecting on films of the REICH starting with the infamous film and a personal favorite, Jud Suss. We also review the audio recording of Edgar J. Steele’s reading of Commander George Lincoln Rockwell’s “The Fable of The Ducks & The Hens” which is directly inspired by the tale of Jud Suss. Stay tuned for MORE films of the REICH reviewed on future episodes.

The film Jud Suss can be viewed via the following links:

Edgar J Steeles reading of The Fable of The Ducks & The Hens, can be found at:

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Paper Beats Rock - Merry Christmas - 12/26/17

Stephen Landser presents Episode 10 of the INDEPENDENT NATIONAL SOCIALIST PODCAST, Paper Beats Rock.

As a continuation piece to Episode 9, Nikki Wicked stops by to discuss her own struggles as she continues her own journey living the 14 words vs. an environment that is set against ALL of us. Marriage and family are the focus of this week’s show.  This is by far one of the most candid and honest (recorded) conversations I have ever had with Nikki which is the reason she remains one of PBR’s most trusted and beloved comrades.

Ending music track is by Skyforger from Latvia, the track is called "Night of the Winter Solstice."

The sun has vanished. Freezing northwind now rules the land. From the realm of ice and eternal darkness. Mother Winter snow clouds sends. 

White warlord rides the sky. Hundred steeds pull his sledge of ice. The roaring noise follows him. It’s the sign that the winter solstice has arrived. 

The ancient song fills the air. On the mound sacred fire burns. People dance the magic dance of rebirth. For the sun’s sooner return. 

Here is the longest night of the year. When the evil spirits of darkness is awake. Old witch woman dances across the room. She drives whole evil spirits back in the gloom. 

Over the frozen field the northwind wails. Falling snow turns into the raging snowstorm.


Friday, December 15, 2017

Paper Beats Rock - Gus Gruel and Joey de Maistre - 12-19-17

Stephen Landser presents Episode 9 of the INDEPENDENT NATIONAL SOCIALIST PODCAST, Paper Beats Rock.

This week Landser is joined by comrades, Gus Gruel, a long time RNN comrade, and Joey de Maistre a comrade from a previous EP of PBR. Landser decides to take the current hot topic conversation of men vs. women in the movement in a new direction. As the upswing in white nationalism continues an issue that is becoming more commonplace is fueling a disconnect between couples. This is often due to one spouse refusing to accept the truth and ideology of the other. The three comrades share their experiences and give some introspect on an issue that is often ignored yet could be detrimental to fulfilling the 14 words.


In Episode 4 of the New Awakening Lecture series, Ludwig discusses the need of the white racial movement to put their faith in National Socialism alone as the only ideology that will secure the 14 words, whilst showing how the other ‘competing’ ideologies of Libertarianism, Fascism, Theocracy and others, are wrong footed and completely unsuitable for leading the White Race to victory over its racial enemies.

Ending track is titled "Sky of Saddened Nights."
(Birds,Blood,Love and the Night.) Something the world wide Jewery conspiracy would feel threatened by, heretical poetry and other verbal musical thermo nuclear traditional lifestyle art performed by Nokturnal Mortum from Ukraine, Slava, Slava, Slava!!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Paper Beats Rock - Norman Spear - 12-12-17

Stephen Landser presents Episode 8 of the INDEPENDENT NATIONAL SOCIALIST PODCAST, Paper Beats Rock.

Landser welcomes social media comrade NORMAN SPEAR who breaks down the gap between where the ALT RIGHT is and where the Northwest Front is to take us into the future of our survival. On a personal note, Norman simply STEALS the show. Though it was his first appearance on any podcast it is apparent Norman Spear could be a much needed and guiding voice in the dark days that are approaching.


From the New Awakenings youtube channel
The answer to 1984 is 1933.
In Episode 3 of the New Awakening Lecture series, Ludwig elaborates on his extended ideas in both passive and active resistance as a method for resisting the current corrupt and genocidal governments of the Western world. He also gives advice on how to effectively spread National Socialism to the white population as a whole.

(...Gather, the masses, to rise up, with the tides of war
The anger, the hatred, unleashed, with the tides of war
Vengeance, retribution, achieved, with the tides of war
The pillars, of our enemies, will crumble, with the tides of war.)

Ending track is by the band BEFORE GOD from Minnesota, titled "Tides of War."

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Paper Beats Rock - Lord Goyhammer - 12-5-2017

Stephen Landser presents Episode 7 of the INDEPENDENT NATIONAL SOCIALIST PODCAST, Paper Beats Rock.

Landser is joined by long time EX RACE AND NATION HOST , Lord of the Northern Realm, LORD GOYHAMMER of Stahlhelm Records.
The two comrades continue where they left off at the RACE AND NATION series smashing everything in their path concerning issues that plague the movement and keep us from marching forward. LG discusses his current HOLD position until he completes his migration to the Pacific NW. The two discuss the current undeserving backlash against the women folk, the theory of those who “punch right” and why and when its acceptable, the CO-OPPED attitude that we are not going to “storm DC with our ARs” yet we sit idle and do not even make the simplest of preparations to guarantee OUR survival, and the now completely LEGAL MURDER of WHITES in California via the tragedy of the Kate Steinle case.

In Episode 1 of the New Awakening lecture series, Ludwig discusses the concept of The Flame of Life, a term used to describe the ability by which any seemingly average man or woman can, through their actions, become a conduit of divine will and lead the charge in changing the world around them. This concept extends not just to those in the past, but to those now and in the near future who through their will, can secure the 14 Words and save the white race from extinction.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Paper Beats Rock - Nikki Wicked - 11/28/17

Stephen Landser presents Paper Beats Rock Episode 6, 11/28/17 Nikki Wicked.

Paper Beats Rock comrade NIKKI WICKED joins Landser this week to attack the upcoming Dec 18th GREAT TWITTER NAZI PURGE while LEFT degeneracy hits an ALL TIME LOW. The two also discuss WHITE TRIBAL INSTINCT, Trad-Life Women in the movement, and what it means to be the VANGUARD for our children against a society that is geared for our demise.

We close the show with a new segment from our comrade (EPIC) from Melbourne titled:
JACKO ‘s LANTERN Episode 6: Executioners

Jacko attacks the following topics on this episode:
> > > Diversity (lack of) standards
> > > Anti-fa cognitive dissonance
> > > Race War is natural
> > > Aristocracy as psychopathy
> > > The answers are not in the past
> > > Post-WW2 economy would have self-corrected without immigration
> > > My thoughts from a distance on Charlottesville
> > > State problems that are exacerbated by its anti-white agenda
> > > Resilience and White Survivalism
The rest of the JACKO LANTERNS series can be found at:


Sunday, November 19, 2017

Paper Beats Rock - Unpleasant and Brutal Truths - 11-21-17

Stephen Landser presents Paper Beats Rock Episode 5, 11-21-17 Unpleasant and Brutal Truths.

Landser is joined today by social media comrade Joey De Maistre 

PBR continues its pledge to provide a open forum to all who support the 14. Landser and Joey tackle the subject of class in the movement and its inevitable dissolvent to secure a future for our folk. The dropout effect of the Alt Right continues to play itself out, and the role of the SHADOW GOVERNMENT is also discussed. Conspiracy theories, Northwest Front AUXILLARY GROUPS ! and MORE!


This week Lord Goyhammer was able to contribute some small commentary on political prisoners from recent protest asking the question, is it really worth the sacrifice? Goyhammer then shares a piece from a recent Radio Free Northwest that was recorded by a Englishman. The Englishman talks about National Socialism, explaining flawlessly how and why it is vital to securing the ethnostate and ultimately the 14 Words.


Sunday, November 12, 2017

Paper Beats Rock - Shield Maidens - 11/14/17

Stephen Landser presents Paper Beats Rock Episode 4, 2017-11-14 – Shield Maidens

WAU member ( Vex Steele hijacks PBR along with Nikki Wicked and Noble Breed Kindred member Raney.

The ladies tackle several issues brought up by PBR/RNN comrade Nikki Wicked, who is new to the movement and still like all of us need answers to issues that arise while raising a family in the current democratic nightmare that is the USSA. The 14 words are cemented in FAMILY and FAMILY is gilded by the strength, courage, and never-ending determination of our ladies in the movement. PBR continues its commitment to fight alongside those women who stand to fight, protect those who bear and raise our children, and all who encompass the 14 words: “Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth.”


Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Jacob Goodwin’s Hatreon Account

Jacob Goodwin’s Hatreon account can be used to help with his legal defense funds. This is now very simple, and we encourage you to sign up for our online donation page at Hatreon.

It is very simple, you sign up at

An access link/code is sent to you within a day from Hatreon, check your spam or promotional filters in your email for the link/code, once you have the link/code you are cleared for the site and you enter your credit/debit card information one time, and it will bill you the same day monthly. Here is our page on Hatreon,

Those who would like to simply make a one time donation to Jacob’s legal defense fund, of any size, may do so through credit or debit card here, or through mail via cash, check, or money order to Billy Roper, P.O. Box 1937, Mountain View, Arkansas, 72560. Thank you for your support for Jacob and his family.

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Paper Beats Rock - WAU's Vex Steele and the White Lives Matter Rally 11/7/17

WAU member, VEX STEELE, makes her debut appearance on Paper Beats Rock. Vex is a long time comrade of previous projects such as Race and Nation. Vex gives Landser a detailed report on the takeaways from the current White Lives Matter rally in TN.

As for Sir Landser and Lord Goyhammer, our opinions on street activism at this time and period of the struggle, we feel is more or less ineffective. Of course there's a level of bravery and risk while participating in most street operations but the major acts of resistance and discontent are aimed at the limitless hordes of Anti-Whites who more times than not, outnumber Nationalist who are then in turn, protected by the traitor Blue Line. The real political targets are people who wear suits.

They also discuss the Jacob Goodwin situation as thoroughly covered by Billy Roper on The Roper Report.

The WAU Women for Aryan Unity continues to stand for those warriors who are currently trying to survive in the anti-white American prison system. Paper Beats Rock continues to stand by the WAU and all their endeavors.

Hail Victory!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Paper Beats Rock - Andy Donner (Northwest Front) Unleashed 10/31/17

On show #02 of PBR Sir Stephen Landser rehashes a recent show from the now disbanded Race and Nation Podcast while he still retools and works out the bugs for Paper Beats Rock. We encourage anyone and everyone to listen to this show who have the slightest interest in a ethnostate, how to implement a plan (the only one), to achieve said ethnostate and of course the 14 words.

Sir Stephen Landser and Lord Goyhammer WERE AND STILL ARE humbled, honored and very thankful to Andy Donner of the Northwest Front for joining Race and Nation on his first and only guest appearance on a podcast to this date other than Radio Free Northwest.

On a side note, Andy released his much anticipated and talked about "Theorycraft - If the Northwest Front is so right about all this, why hasn’t it succeeded?” the same day of this PBR posting and we would like to share the link with you assuming most are SERIOUS about acquiring an ethnostate.....a homeland.....a country of our own.


Sunday, October 29, 2017

Paper Beats Rock - Meet Uncle Jesse 10/14/17

On the premiere episode of Paper Beats Rock, Stephen Landser is joined by Idaho NF comrade “Uncle Jesse”

They quickly dismantle the Richard Spencer event in Florida and reflect on the takeaways, good and bad.

Landser and Jesse also discuss the Jacob Goodwin situation covered at length by Billy Roper on last week’s The Roper Report.

Too many of our brethren are being thrown in the Jewish gulags time and time again and the reasons are becoming more and more frivolous. We strongly encourage everyone that finds it possible to do so to donate time and funds to Mr. Goodwin’s cause.

Letters can be addressed to Mr. Goodwin at:
Jacob Goodwin, c/o Lonoke County Jail, 440 Dee Dee Ln, Lonoke, AR 72086
Or through e-mail by registering at
Remember that all mail is read and please keep your letters or e-mails upbeat, positive, and encouraging. Thanks for letting him know that he has not been forgotten!
Donations for Mr. Goodwin’s Legal Defense can be sent here.

For those who have inquired about Lord Goyhammer will be pleased to know that he has been gracious enough to supply the outro music to each episode of the Paper Beats Rock (PBR) podcast.

LG can be found ruling over the domain of SPLC Hate Map certified Stahlhelm Records.

As a Thank You to LG we are also including a link to another fantastic audio segment he recently put together. This recording is an excerpt from the Book “Freedom’s Sons.” The book references many historic accomplishments and discoveries by the Northwest American Republic over its fifty years in existence. The Guerrilla war for independence came to an end on October 22nd, exactly five years from when it started. The Epilogue refers to main characters who were a part of major engagements and events spanning over a fifty five year period including the five year guerrilla insurgency before the peace talks at Longview Washington. The small conversation in the latter half of the Epilogue with the president of the Northwest American Republic and his four year old great granddaughter and granddaughter in-law, simply but emotionally gives you an example why these men did what they did over fifty years ago……..”While the world did gaze with deep amaze, at those fearless men but few, who bore the fight that freedom's light, Might shine through the foggy dew…..”